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The Art of the A+ Summer: Six Ways to Stand Out

Summer is a time for beaches and barbecues and sleeping late in the minds of many teens. When parents allow their teens to go from 75 mph during the school year to a screeching halt, problems can occur. After moving through final exams, proms, and the excitement of friends graduating ahead of them students sometimes…

Insider Info: Interview Tips for College Admissions Success

Every year, students across the country, including those using services like tutoring in Los Angeles, come into the college interview process with a lack of information. They often need help to make the right impression.

8 Colleges Admissions Myths

Millions of parents, including those seeking tutoring in Los Angeles, come into the college application process with a lack of information. They need help to get their teens into the right-fit colleges without significant stress. Of course, no one wants to overpay for tuition, and all the misperceptions don’t help.

How to Not Screw It Up

Dr. Spock was right. Raising a child comes to most parents naturally. When we do what comes instinctively, many aspects of parenthood just fall into place. The trouble is, by the time college applications loom on the horizon, many parents become stuck. They don‘t know how to strategically position their sons and daughters for success.