Valley Prep Tutoring

Fact: Over 80% of students utilizing the Valley Prep process attain entrance to their target schools – most with significant merit aid.

College Essays & Applications Support

Even confident students can falter when it comes time to write college application essays. Why? Because an A in English class has nothing to do with being able to effectively market oneself to prospective colleges.

Valley Prep specifically hires staff that has worked at major universities in admissions – we help sidestep pitfalls and know what works!

Furthermore, with over 4,000 college options in the U.S. alone, what are the odds that any teenager will be able to identify, assess and target the right schools for them?

Valley Prep staff directs students to the right colleges and programs with their years of insider know-how.

Perhaps most daunting of all, admissions rates have fallen nearly 20% in the past five years, which means students require extra support to competitively position themselves.

Valley Prep places students in the driver’s seat — turning the pressure of simply attaining acceptance into the privilege of choosing from among many acceptance letters which arrive as a result of having worked with us.

Trust the experts at Valley Prep!

The college applications process is the most important rite of passage students experience while still living at home. Invest now in maximizing acceptance rates. What could be more important?

Most colleges require a substantial personal statement as part of each application. Just 250-650 words on the Common App can separate many students from acceptance to the colleges of their dreams.

Colleges want to know more about applications than grades, scores and activities reveal. They want to know each student as a person, not merely a collection of numbers and teachers’ descriptions. They want to know the level of writing skill, the ways students make sense of experiences, how they think about complex issues, and ultimately, if they will thrive on their campus.