Bored with Homeschool? Not Anymore!

Study like a star.

Imagine your student successfully completing high school while matched with custom-placed tutors as their support team. Imagine the relief of knowing you can change your schedule as needed. You want your teen to be a Valley Prep homeschooler!

This alternative to traditional 8am-3pm scheduling provides the level of flexibility needed by students of all grade levels due to:

  • Competitive athletics
  • Work schedules
  • Medical leave
  • Emotional/behavioral issues
  • Repeated classes for GPA improvement
  • Transition between schools
  • Semester only or full year available


The Very Best Homeschooling Support

Valley Prep proudly partners with a highly respected, fully accredited online distance learning school, to provide flexible instruction for students with busy schedules.

  • Students and their parents pick instructional times.
  • Our director custom-fits the right tutors, with open dialogue about ongoing satisfaction with the match.
  • Class instruction and assignment completion take place in the convenience of the student’s home (Los Angeles) or via Skype
  • Regular classes, Honors classes, AP certifications, high school degrees, and individual course completion in all subject areas are available.
  • Valley Prep supervises all instruction and assignment completion. Students receive the best of face-to-face instruction with the credibility of a long-established, highly regarded private online school.
  • Valley Prep handles all scheduling, homework supervision, course progress, and exam proctoring.
  • Parents receive written notes of each and every session, detailing all objectives covered, current grade status, and upcoming assignments.
  • 10% tuition discount!